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30 Mar 2017by hafiz

Seamless Searching of Delicious and Interesting Food Places with Ho Chak! App

Kuala Lumpur, 30 March 2017 – We often face difficulties when searching for interesting eateries to visit, and as always, it comes down to that ultimate question of what food do we want to try. With that, Media Prima Labs proudly presents the “Ho Chak!” app! It compiles details of restaurants as well as other interesting food places that you would like to visit. Taking inspiration from the “Ho Chak!” show, aired on 8TV, this app showcases several user-friendly functions.
Group General Manager of Media Prima Labs and Operations, Nicholas Sagau said, “We are living in an era where almost all dealings are managed using modern day technology. Mobile applications is just one of the technological advancement products which ease the management of daily errands. With its fully interactive functions, users of the “Ho Chak!” app may choose restaurants or food places according to their own taste and interest, at the same time becoming active users from their comments and previous experiences at a particular eatery.

What’s in the “Ho Chak!” app:

  • Main Page:
    Presenting the top choice restaurants, as well as special selection of some of the best eateries around town by the “Ho Chak!” production crew. From the list of eateries, you will be able to access each restaurant’s detailed information as seen on 8TV’s “Ho Chak!”. It will also display suggestions of eateries based on audiences’ pick. With the location service function, users will be able to easily search for nearby eateries. For example, if users were in the Ampang area, the app will be able to provide eateries suggestions around Ampang.
  • Restaurant Page:
    This page will display additional information on the selected eateries. Here you will be able to find all necessary details from type of food served, operating hours, location, videos, photos, price range, websites and user comments. Using the sharing function, you will be able to recommend to your friends and family through social media such as Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter.
    If you are attracted to a certain menu or restaurant, even though you are not hoping to go to that particular food place yet, don’t worry! You can save the restaurant’s records to be viewed at some other time and even bookmark your favourite menu!
  • Advanced Search Page:
    Using your planned budget, you can narrow the search field, based on price, fixed operation hours, types of food served and restaurant appropriateness or you can search for your designated food place with your own specifications. Amongst the many functions of the “Ho Chak!” app, users may leave comments and opinions regarding a particular eatery and also read comments left by other users.

The “Ho Chak!” app can be downloaded for free on Apple Store and Google Play Store. So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner gourmet with the Ho Chak! app today!

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